A day of planing and finishing tasks

Thursday is always a full day. Getting ready for the weekend, cleaning and finishing tasks makes the day go by very fast. I arrived very late to work, thanks to public transit. Helped Itzhak, our master painter pack up a finished table, then I started unclamping the walnut pieces I glued and clamped together yesterday. Later I’ll bevel these pieces (cut at a 45º angle) and glue them together to create a square frame, which will be cut into a rounded mirror frame.
After unclamping, I resumed my work on the three nested coffee tables I’m working on. These are made from African walnut, and are designed to be especially light. Today I cleaned all the wood filler I used yesterday to fill in the imperfections, using a rotating sander with extra fine sandpaper, and I also broke and rounded most sharp corners. Next, I screwed on Teflon discs to the bottoms of the tables to ensure they don’t scratch the customer’s floors.
Right after lunch, the timber delivery truck arrived with plenty of oak and maple wood which we were running low on. I probably won’t have time to finish all of it today, but all the wood we take in goes through the planing machine first and is only later put into timber storage.
The planing is done by a machine which contains many tiny knives (like a shark’s mouth) spinning very fast and thus lower layers of rough wood. It is possible to adjust the height of the planing and determine the thickness of the wood.
There’s still plenty more to smooth down, but it’s all waiting outside the factory for other, more urgent work to dwindle down. Of course, if it starts raining, moving the raw timber inside the workshop gains priority. (Update: it’s going to be a rainy weeked. Danny and I worked frantically to move all the raw timber inside the workshop on the big lift, and finished around closing time… whew!)
I took the glued walnut pieces (for the mirror frame) to the planing machine and smoothed them all down to a uniform thickness, and started cutting them to width.
Afterwards, Danny and I went on our daily “constitutional” to take the trash out to the dumpster, and all the sawdust created by planing all that raw timber.
The remaining time I spent on sweeping up the factory floor, tidying up wherever possible, and finishing cutting the mirror frame pieces to width.

Shabbat Shalom!